Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mobile SEO Keywords

Web designers usually overlook keywords even if they are aware that they are designing a mobile website. If you can’t design your own mobile website, make sure to hire a designer who is knowledgeable about SEO.
 Your working relationship with your web designer is a critical part of your mobile SEO strategies.

If you’re thinking of optimizing your mobile website using the keywords for your regular website, think again. Smartphones and tablets are structurally different from laptops and desktop computers. Typing on a mobile phone or dealing with an onscreen keyboard is said to be a big factor for users to choose shorter keywords. These users may search for keywords that are more concise. Experts call it the “rush search.”

Before consulting your Google Mobile Keyword tool, keyword analysis must be completed. First, you have to revisit and restudy your target market and niche. You have to think from a different perspective and put yourself in a mobile Web user’s shoes. List down all the possible keywords, regardless of competition, length, and strength, then get some recommendations from your customers, friends, and colleagues.

Then, jump into AdWords and use they Mobile Keyword tool. Look for keywords Web users are actually searching for. Just like typical keyword research, you have to know the strength of every keyword you are going to use.

What’s the point of researching keywords without consulting Adwords and the Mobile Keyword tool first? This helps you re-associate yourself with your business and market. Some SEO experts forget the essence of knowing their market because of the vast availability of keyword tools. They always end up choosing high-ranking keywords without even considering major factors that may affect their business. For example, if you’re selling secondhand or used Chanel and Hermes items, you would not want to mistakenly choose the keyword ‘brand new designer bags’, just because you were distracted by the long green bar that indicates its rank.

Basically, you should have a mobile version of your website if you want to jump into the mobile SEO bandwagon. However, if you’ve already established a strong domain authority, creating a new domain may affect your site negatively. Instead, use a sub-domain to retain your current domain authority and link juice. The mobile version of your website should always be in XHTML or Basic XHTML format. This is where you can use your new mobile keywords.

Have a mobile search self-test and analysis If you’re not familiar with mobile searching, you can do a self-test of how it works. Knowing the search engine is like studying your battlefield. You have to recognize the competition, the competitors, the rankings, and the current situation. Accessing some mobile websites can give you ideas on what you can do for your own website.

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