Monday, February 7, 2011

SEO Tip - Get a good blog link

If you were to get a backlink to your website from a major blog, you are putting your website in a good position. Backlinks from “big player” websites is very important.
Getting a backlink from a website that is continuously crawled can really raise your relative importance from a search engine. Not only is the amount of links that you establish important, also is the “weight” of the link that you obtain. If your business is selling shoes and you get a link on Zappos, you are greatly enhancing you linking campaign. Zappos is a wonderful online shoe store that is continuously crawled. I am not sure if they even have a blog, but if they did, it would be a positive business move to get a link with them.

Another way to get a link on a blog is to work your link into your entry. In other words, comment on industry specific blogs and leave your link in the comment. It is crucial though that you only leave your link if it is related to the topic on the blog. Don’t just leave your link for the sake of leaving your link on a blog. This can hurt you. Many times when a blogmaster finds people just leaving links for the heck of it, they will in turn badmouth you on other blogs.

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